Palmyra Arch Replica

The centerpiece of our Trafalgar Square installation will be a scale reproduction of the 2,000 year old Triumphal Arch from the Palmyra site in Syria which was destroyed last year. Produced using state-of-the-art 3D technology, the arch will be installed in London, Dubai, New York and Italy.

On-Site Reconstruction

The project was financed and created by the IDA, a joint project between Oxford and Harvard universities and Dubai Future Foundation.

The scale model of Palmyra’s Triumphal Arch, which was destroyed, has been reconstructed using 3-D technology and photographs of the original. The new structure was built in Italy using Egyptian marble before being shipped to London.

Weighing nearly 11 tons and standing roughly 20 feet tall, the replica arch is two-thirds of the original’s size.

Following its display in Trafalgar Square for three days, the model be transported to other big cities around the world, including Dubai & New York’s Time Square in September. Next year, it will be unveiled in Palmyra where it will permanently remain.

Million Image Database Project

One of the goals of the Million Image Database Project is to produce life-like 3D virtual models of at risk, damaged, and destroyed architectural archaeological objects.

Our in-house photography team and our network of volunteers perform site surveys using a combination of conventional and stereo (3D) photography to enable accurate computer renderings to be produced. These renderings can then be used to create engaging interactive virtual experiences of the ancient sites they belong to.

Our computer models can also provide the basis for the construction of full-scale replicas of architectural objects using computer-controlled 3D printing and machining techniques. Such technologies have huge potential as a platform for the large-scale reconstruction of sites damaged by human conflict or natural disaster.