Pulling The Future Forward Faster

Dubai unveiled a unique program that will connect the world’s most innovative companies with leading figures in government to create breakthrough solutions for the world’s most exciting opportunities and pressing challenges.

Dubbed “Dubai Future Accelerators”, the expansive program will bring together top international companies and entrepreneurs to address seven key “21st century opportunities”. This includes the application of cutting edge technologies like AI and robotics, genomics, 3D printing, distributed ledgers, biomimicry and biotechnology, as well as new business models and ways of working.

Unlike other programs, The Dubai Future Accelerators will focus on the identification and deployment of futuristic prototypes and products at a city-wide scale, something which no other program can offer.

Dubai to Become a Leading Test Bed for New Technology

Dubai Future Accelerators are structured around a series of challenges for the future, proposed by the seven founding organizations. These organizations include:

The Program

Participate in 9 weeks program working closely with industry experts, government partners, and mentors to develop proposals for world-leading prototypes and test deployments of their cutting edge approaches.

What are The Dubai Future Accelerators?

The Dubai Future Accelerators are an intensive 12-week program hosted by the Dubai Future Foundation and the Government of Dubai. The program is designed to identify emergent technologies and businesses with the potential to addrress the world’s most pressing challenges and opportunities, and to support them in developing solutions and prototypes for rapid deployment across Dubai.

This is not a traditional accelerator. This isn’t about how to write a business plan or how to pitch your startup. It’s not about coding languages or search engine optimization. We aren’t going to tell you how to run your business or how to develop your website.

This is about changing the world. Today.

Innovation is happening at a faster pace than ever before, but the courage to test these ideas is not keeping pace. Real world applications are lagging, and truly transformative ideas often lack the political and financial support they need to be tested and deployed at a large scale.