Transforming Dubai to autonomous mode by 2030

Under the Directions of His Highness Shaikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the Dubai Future Foundation in conjunction with Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority Launched the ‘Dubai Autonomous Transportation Strategy’. The strategy aims to transform 25% of the total transportation in Dubai to autonomous mode by 2030, involving 5 million daily trips, saving AED 22 billion in annual economic costs and positioning the government of Dubai as a global leading example through announcing an integrated strategy with clear enablers and targets within a specific timeframe.

The strategy includes the launch of ‘Dubai World Autonomous Transportation Challenge’ as a global RFP to encourage the world’s most innovative international companies, academic institutions and centers of research and development to test the latest advances in this technology by providing transportations solutions and scenarios that are realistic and tailored for the streets of Dubai.

The Dubai Autonomous Transportation Strategy is expected to bring AED 22 billion in annual economic revenues in several sectors by reducing transportation costs, carbon emissions and accidents, and raising the productivity of individuals as well as saving hundreds of millions of hours wasted in conventional transportation.

The strategy will help cut transportation costs by 44%, resulting in savings of up to AED 900 million a year. It will also help save AED 1.5 billion a year by reducing environmental pollution by 12%, as well as generate AED 18 billion in annual economic returns by increasing the efficiency of the transportation sector in Dubai by 2030.

Dubai Autonomous Transportation Strategy aims to reduce traffic accidents and losses by 12%, equivalent to savings of AED 2 billion annually, and increase the productivity of individuals by 13%. It will save 396 million hours on transportation trips yearly. It will also reduce the spaces allocated for parking.


The strategy will promote national capacities by establishing a Centre of Excellence for Autonomous Transportation Systems to build international expertise


Focusing on studying the autonomous experiences within the aspects of different means of transportation technology in Dubai

Legislative Structure

The strategy supports setting up legislation for development of autonomous transportation, in the first initiative of its kind in the world


The strategy will support the establishment of infrastructure for the new technologies based on the best future standards

million increase in individual productivity hours (13%)

million reduction in transportation costs per km (44%)

billion reduction in environmental pollution (12%)

billion increase in public transport efficiency ratio (20%)

A Global Challenge

Dubai World Autonomous Transportation Challenge will be a global platform in which companies, R&D centres, manufacturers of vehicles and technology companies will compete in order to apply the concept of autonomous transportation in Dubai within two main tracks: The first track: This track features ‘Last Mile Transportation’, which will transfer the passenger from metro stations in the emirate to a group of nearby destinations, to increase the attractiveness of public transportation.

The second track: This track will use autonomous buses within specific neighbourhoods to move people between specific destinations such as shops, schools, clinics and service centres.

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